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Letters about Getting Help

Date: 2017-10-191

Help received: 5 000 php

good day! My name is Gracelove, an ordinary member of MMM Philippines from Samar. i provided help the amount of 0.02btc october 10 2017 abd I received assistance of 5000php October 17, 2017. Thank you MMM, long live MMM! GOd bless us all

Date: 2017-10-192

Help received: 500 php

Hi I'm Efren getting help of P500 on September 01,2017 from my old recalculated mavros. Thanks MMM>

Date: 2017-10-193

Help received: 500 php

My name is Vernon, a regular member form Mandaluyong City last Sept 9, I PH the amount of 400 today, I recieved 500 GH dated 10/17/2017. thank you MMM:-)

Date: 2017-10-194

Help received: 400 php

hi im cathy, participant, from cagayan valley, amount of gh 400p... last october 14, 2017.. thanks mmm philippines... mabuhay kau!!!

Date: 2017-10-195

Help received: 300 php

im liza, participant last 2016, from cagayan valley, tuguegarao city. gh last Oct 14, 2107 amounting to 300p... thank you mmm philippines.. mabuhay!!!

Date: 2017-10-196

Help received: 200 php

hi m zaldy, particpant last 2016, from quezon city. gh last oct 14, 2017 amounting to Php200.00. thank you. mmm philippines...

Date: 2017-10-197

Help received: 0.0200 btc

Good day! I'm Dwyane from Davao City, member of MMM Philippines. I provided help last 2017-10-15 for the amount of 1,700.00 pesos. I asked for help last 2017-10-17 and now I just received my 0.02 BTC. Thank you MMM! Keep rockin' and helping the community. God bless.