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Letters about Getting Help

Date: 2017-06-251

Help received: 2 500 php

liryzalle, MMM Philippines new participants. im from cagayan, i PH 2500 June 16 2017, and i try on June 18 2017 i GH 2500. thank you MMM Philippines

Date: 2017-06-252

Help received: 2 400 php

hi im Rohaidan Ronzales, ordinaryong membro d2 sa MMM Phil. ako po ay taga MAsbate. ako po ay naka hingi ng tulong noong June 22 2017 ng2400. maraming salamat MMM

Date: 2017-06-253

Help received: 2 200 php

ako po si Nehlove, ordinaryong membro dito sa MMM Philippines. ako po ay masaya nakahingi ng tulong ng 2200PHP noong June 22 2017. maraming salamat po sa tumulong. Long Live MMM

Date: 2017-06-254

Help received: 2 200 php

Whezslyn Consuelo, participant of MMM Phil, from Catbalogan Samar. , I GH 2200 Date June 22 2017. Thank you to all. MMM Forever!

Date: 2017-06-255

Help received: 1 600 php

I am Marlon Perez from Pasig City Philippines, I joined MMM with the intention of just testing how true it is so I can have peace of mind. Now after almost 2 years my 2500 grew to 10700 pesos. I am convinced now that this program is safe & will the new saviour for the drowning economic situation of many poor Filipinos. Just recently, I got help again in the amount of 1,600.00 dated 06/01/2017. I am now conviced, this is the new financial phenomenon. I am fortunate I already joined. MMMabuhay! Thanks to my 1600 latest GH!

Date: 2017-06-256

Help received: 1 500 php

Hello there! My neck name is Jun, a participant member of MMM Phils. from Kalibo, Aklan, Panay Island. I requested to Get Help in the amount of PHP 1,500 last June 23, 2017 and received my GH Sat., 24 June 2017. Thank you so much MMM community, together we can change the world!

Date: 2017-06-257

Help received: 1 000 php

Hi to all MMM Members I am an ordinary members I am Amando Igana but I working in Riyadh , I GH of 1000ph dated 05/07/2017. I got the help thank you MMM Community together we change the world.

Date: 2017-06-258

Help received: 1 000 php

my name is Arcanas Furtunato, MMM Philippines Member. i lived in allen Samar. i GH and received 1000 pesos last June 22 2017. thank you MMM members for the help. LONGLIVE MMM! Together we can change the World

Date: 2017-06-259

Help received: 700 php

Hello! I am Marcelino Tagulob from Cebu,Philippines an ordinary MMM participant..thank you for providing help to me in the amount of Php 700 on June 22,2017. i also provide help in the amount of Php 500 last June 19,2017. Thank you MMM for the system on helping each other.

Date: 2017-06-2510

Help received: 600 php

Hi i am Uli, im a participant in MMM. I am living in Ilocos Norte. On June 24 I Requested help by the amount of 600 pesos and on June 25 i received 600 Pesos. Thank You MMM Philippines. More Power to all of us.