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Letters about Getting Help

Date: 2017-08-161

Help received: 800 php

Good morning MMM community Good Morning MMM PHilippines my name is JOnathan Quilario Daguia from Capas Tarlac but presently working here in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.... I am proud member of this community for almost 2 years..... Last Aug. 14, 2017 I ask for a get help of 800 pesos and at the same day I received the said amount..... I am very thankful for the 2 person who give help to me, I hope and pray that some day I can return the favor for this 2 member of the community.... THank You MMM God Bless us alll....

Date: 2017-08-162

Help received: 1 300 php

My name is Vlad this is one of the best help that i received I requested GH on AUG 15 in the amount of 1,300 Php and only 3 hrs. and I received the GH. ASAP long live MMM together we can change the world

Date: 2017-08-163

Help received: 700 php

Hi! I'm Ramoncito Carbona Status: Guider From: Philippines I provided help 700 pesos July 26,2017 and I get help the amount of 700 pesos August 05, 2017 thank you MMM together we changed the world.

Date: 2017-08-164

Help received: 500 php

Dear every one at MMM Philippines, I'm Noemi Marciano from Marinduque and currently living in Laos. I appreciate MMM that after just two days of Getting Help with the amount of P500 dated 08/12/2017, I already got my assistance. Although the process now is slower than when I first joined the system, I still believe in mmm! Long live MMM community!

Date: 2017-08-165

Help received: 0.0200 btc

good morning MMM Philippines! my name is Elizirio Magtuba. im a new member here in MMM Philippines. im from W.samar. on august 13 2017 i Provide help with the amount of 0.02btc. and after 2 days august 15 2017 i just want to try if this is true i get help with the amount of 0.02btc. and on the next day i recieved the btc. MMM is real. thank you and God bless to us!