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The State of MMM Philippines Address


Dear members of MMM Philippines:

Let’s look back at the outgoing year. No doubt 2016 has been an eventful year for MMM Philippines. We were looking for a development model which could ensure Community’s stable operation. And finally it has been found. From September 7, all the members get full payment on their Mavros including accrued percentage. Now MMM Philippines operates reliably and sustainably.

We also would like to remind you that in the year of 2016 participants the payments for ‘old’ Mavro took place. Those who provided help from January 9 to April 24 got back the amount of their initial payment and, besides that, +10% of the initial payment. Regarding the contributions made from April 25 to September 6, the part of participants withdrew their Mavros in full amount, the other part took out their Mavro with the floating rate applied.

But the most important thing is that partial allocation and other innovations have made MMM Philippines stronger than ever before. Three and a half months of stable work is the best proof of it!

In the outgoing year we implemented a new model which gave us an opportunity to work sustainably. In 2017, we need to focus on the development of our Community. We will gradually return the old participants and invite new members. By our efforts, MMM will unite all Filipinos!

Happy New Year!

Together we change the world!