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Weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 10.06.2015 | МMM Philippines


So, here is the news. Well, I always record videos about the Philippines with a great pleasure. Filipinos are very active. The life is pulsing in the Philippines. I feel pleasure from recording videos for you. As you know. Most of you know. On May 30 a big event (a big seminar) was held in Manila, and the respective diplomas were given. I was asked to announce the names of the winners and I’ll do it with pleasure. Just apologize me if I mispronounce the names. So, the diplomas were given to

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Nomination ceremony of 12th batch “Why MMM?” contest


Attention! Nomination ceremony of 12th batch “Why MMM?” contest will take place on Thursday, June 11, at 1:00pm GMT. 

We invite you to join the show – you will hear candidates sharing their experience on how they came up with ideas and what inspired them to make their videos.

Live broadcasting of the ceremony will be available here:

All members of MMM Community are very welcome!

Winners will be announced LIVE!
Winners will be awarded with prizes:
1st place  – 200 US dollars
2nd place  – 100 US dollars
3rd place – 50 US dollars

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11th batch "Why MMM?" video contest winners!


On Monday, June 8, nomination ceremony of the video contest “Why MMM?” was held. The nominees were students of the 11th batch of MMM Global Manager’s School. Students submitted their videos sharing with their vision of the ideas and goals of MMM. Three best videos were chosen. 


1st prize - 200 USD:
Ely Realeza

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We are starting 14th batch of MMM Global manager’s school!


If you want to:

- know more about MMM, its community and about the way it works!

- meet top leaders of MMM and gain experience from them!

- find better and more effective ways of inspiring people to join MMM!

- work as a team with like-minded people!

- grow as an MMM leader!

- become Financially Free!

- take part in "Why MMM?" contest and win a prize

- have a unique opportunity to ask Sergey Mavrodi a question!

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Lawig Butuan Back to School Charity Event | MMM Philippines (May 30, 2015)


Manager of MMM Roselyn Raz, along with her team on the eve of the new school year organized a charity event on behalf of MMM. The community continues giving gifts, not asking for anything in return. Grant aid is the basis of our ideology!


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