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Letters about Getting Help

Date: 2017-02-221

Help received: 11 100 php

I am Malyka Tim, A participant in MMM Philippines My last provide help on 17/12/2016​ amount 600 PHP Today I get help on 20-02-2017 I GET HELP the Total amount 11100 PHP. MMM Change my life, MMM really paid to me. I love MMM!!! Thank so much all participants who have provided help to me and of course, the founder of this unique Community-Sergey Mavrodi! MMM rules!I am really happy with MMM...for my GET HELP.  MMM we together change the world

Date: 2017-02-222

Help received: 2 400 php

Hello All MMM Global Member, I am okoro from manila Philippines . I am participant of Member MMM Global. I joined on 24 june 2016 and I provided help of 2500 peso.  I got help of 2400 pesos on 13th of January  2017  My life is better after I join with this community Thank you so much all participant and Thank you Sir, Sergey Mavrodi. Together, we can change the world

Date: 2017-02-223

Help received: 100 php

Good day People, I am Charles Lucas from Pampanga, and today February 22, 2017 I just received, 100php from participant named Jayson Wong thru MMM. Thank you so much MMM long live and God bless us.

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