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Letters about Getting Help

Date: 2017-01-201

Help received: 2 300 php

Hello everyone jeffmahinay here from Oslob,Cebu an ordinary participant of MMM Philippines. I Provide Help 2000 pesos last January 5, 2017 and I requested to Get Help worth of 2300 pesos on January 12, 2017 and I am so happy and thankful that my provider send it immediately. I would also like to thank our MMM founder Sir Sergey Mavrodi for creating this wonderful opportunity of Providing Help and Getting Help directly to each other. Long live MMM together we will change the world.

Date: 2017-01-202

Help received: 1 700 php

I am Elmer Labinghisa, 100K Guider of MMM Philippines from Koronadal City I Provide Help of 1000 on 01-06-2017 I Get Help of 1,700 on 01-06-2017 Thank you so much MMM.

Date: 2017-01-203

Help received: 1 300 php

MARIETA F. FILLARTOS from Antipolo City, Philippines proud to be MMM member. Again happy to recieved my second Get Help Php1,300 January 20, 2017, thanks to MMM Phil. and again I will PH Php1000 to support other members......LONG LIVE MMM

Date: 2017-01-204

Help received: 800 php

I am Malyka Tim, A participant in MMM Philippines My last provide help on 17/12/2016​ amount 600 PHP Today I get help on 11-1-2017 I GET HELP the Total amount 800 PHP. MMM Change my life, MMM really paid to me. I love MMM!!! Thank so much all participants who have provided help to me and of course, the founder of this unique Community-Sergey Mavrodi! MMM rules!I am really happy with MMM...for my GET HELP.  MMM we together change the world

Date: 2017-01-205

Help received: 400 php

My name is Chester, from Davao City Philippines a member of MMM. I have provided help last 2016-06-02 for 1000 pesos. Now I have received assistance from MMM worth of 400 pesos 2017-01-18. Thank you MMM Philippines. MMM really pays!

Date: 2017-01-206

Help received: 300 php

Danela Llego from Tondo, Manila, Philippines proud to be one of the member of MMM Philippines. Excited to recieved my first GET HELP Php300 Jan 15, 2017, thank you. With this I am Providing Help again to support MMM...........LONG LIVE MMM

Date: 2017-01-207

Help received: 200 php

Hello good day! This Michael one of the 100 Guider of MMM Philippines. I request for Get Help last January 15, 2017 with the amount of 200 pesos and last January 16, 2017 I already received the amount that I requested from our community MMM, I would like to extend my gratitude to all MMM Participants who is part of MMM Philippines and to Sir Sergey Mavrodi for making all of this into reality! Thank you MMM and together we change the world! :)

Date: 2017-01-208

Help received: 200 php

Hi, This is Dennis, Member. I requested Get Help last January 16,2017 amounting of Php 200.00 Small amount can help moving our system. Thanks everyone. Thank you MMM!

Date: 2017-01-209

Help received: 200 php

Hi I am Efren and I am a member of MMM. I got help again in the amount of Php200.00 dated 01/18/2016. Thank you MMM!

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