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МMM Philippines weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 04.03.2015


So, here is the news. Well, everything is going well in the Philippines. That is, the rates are only increasing, there are many registrations - and it is encouraging. What else should I say? Of course, our efforts are never spent in vain. We are carrying out advertising campaigns ......

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МMM Philippines weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 24.02.2015


So, here is the news. Everything is going well in the Philippines. However, it could be even better and 
faster. What does it mean? It means that the participants and the managers aren’t active enough. You 
should be more active promoting the system to your friends and acquaintances. Tell them how.....

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The theme: Mobile application "Personal Office"


Dear participants!

We continue to improve the mobile application. 

Start to use the application by clicking the link in your mobile phone. 
And proceed with the following instructions. 

What we have for today: 

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Recommendations on the registration and safe participation in MMM Philippines.


MMM is the Community where people trust and help each other. That’s why it has a principle - “only one account for one person”. Each participant should have own unique Bitcoin wallet or bank account. If you use the same Bitcoin wallet with other people it means they can take your money at any moment!

If you are a beginner and still haven’t understood all functions of your Personal Office (PO) you can make your manager your control confidant to help you with your account. Never share your PO email & password. It’s for your security to follow.......

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Planned technical maintenance for personal office


Dear participants!

We inform you that  at 21.02.2015 within the period from 16:00 to 24:00 (GMT) scheduled maintenance will......

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