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МMM Philippines weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 17.02.2015


So, here is the news. Generally, everything is going well in the Philippines. I am saying “generally” as recently the development has slowed down a little bit, and this is a reproach to all participants and managers. You have to work more actively and vigorously, bring the main ideas to people......

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Offline Event: Presentation in Koronadal | MMM Philippines (14 Feb 2015)



On February 15, MMM presentation was held in Koronadal city. This is the first public offline presentation of our Community in the Philippines. The event was organized by 1K manager Elmer Labinghisa with.......

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Offline Home Event in Pasig | MMM Philippines (08 Feb 2015)



On February 8th, there was a presentation of MMM Community in Pasig city, Metro Manila. The presentation was given by Michael Manalon, a MMM Manager.

Michael Manalon lives in Iloilo, but came.......

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[Webinar for ACTIVE MAVRO-Filipinos] Sunday, 15 Feb 2015 at 9PM - Join us!


Welcome to our webinar #4!
We are starting at 9:00 PM (Philippines time)
All ACTIVE MAVRO-Filipinos are very welcome!

Watch our webinar: 

Date: 15 Feb 2015 
Time: 9PM (Philippine time)
Speaker: Alex Sizov (Tutor of the MMM Philippines)

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МMMPhilippines weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 10.02.2015


So, here is the news! In the Philippines things are going well, cheerfully.  The tempo is growing.  Thus, everything is ok. Now we are going to launch an ad campaign. After that, I believe the tempo will increase even more. I.e. we on our part are on the watch as well........

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